Servelec is a UK-headquartered technology Group, with significant intellectual property, providing software, hardware and services globally to the healthcare, social care and education, oil and gas, energy and utilities sectors.

Servelec HSC

Servelec HSC specialises in the design, development and implementation of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Social Care Case Management software and early years education software within secondary care, social care and education in local government settings and is a market leader in the Mental Health, Community Health and Social Care sectors in England.

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Servelec Technologies

Servelec Technologies is a market-leading provider of remote telemetry units, secure SCADA systems and business optimisation software providing a complete end-to-end automation and optimisation solution. 

We deliver efficiency savings to our customers by creating systems to collect, communicate and exploit data.

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Servelec Controls

Servelec Controls develops and integrates bespoke mission-critical systems for national infrastructure by bringing together specialist hardware, software and world-class engineering to provide control, monitoring and safety solutions. 

Our solutions save time and money, and also minimise risk in hazardous and volatile industries.

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