Corporate Social Repsonsibility

At Servelec Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just being aware of our impact on the environment. It is also about the development of our employees, how we relate to our customers, and our relationship with suppliers and our local communities.

Our responsibility framework

At Servelec Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just being aware of our impact on the environment. It is also about the development of our employees, how we relate to our customers, and our relationship with suppliers and our local communities.

  • Our people: Within Servelec Group, our employees are essential to the success of the business.
  • Our environment: Servelec aims to improve its environmental footprint and create new value for customers through sustainable technologies, products and solutions.
  • Our community: Servelec aims to make a positive contribution to the locations where it is based.

Servelec’s approach to CSR is overseen by the Company Secretary, who reports progress to the Board.

Our people

People are critical to our business. We are committed to developing and supporting our people to make Servelec a great place to work.

Employer of choice

As an employer of choice, we have a whole lifecycle approach to employees’ careers. We recognise that benefits extend beyond pay and reward and as such offer interesting and rewarding career opportunities across the Group businesses. The return on this investment is demonstrated by our retention rates. We also continue to attract new talent through our successful recruitment programmes, including student and graduate recruitment. Career development opportunities

Our commitment to progression and development is evident in the career paths of our employees. Many of our employees undertake further training and professional qualifications up to and including post-graduate level. This assists the business in developing succession planning, vital for the growth and development of our business.

Employee engagement and reward

We recognise the value and importance of obtaining the views and suggestions of employees and we benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of our entire workforce. Our staff partnership forum aids two-way communication, facilitating suggestions from employees across the whole Group. Our benefits package currently includes a complement of competitive holiday allowance, company pension scheme and life cover, flexitime and bonus scheme.

Career development opportunities

Equal access to ongoing development for our employees is essential. This is supported through our learning and development strategies of identifying training needs and monitoring the effectiveness of the training programmes. Our commitment towards developing the knowledge and skills of our workforce is integral to keeping the company at the forefront of its technical expertise. Many employees undertake further training and professional qualifications and we offer two scholarships each year to support this aim.

Our commitment to progression is evident in the career paths of our employees. We have bi-annual reviews to assess for promotion which, together with our internal recruitment strategy, ensures that employees have a regular opportunity to progress. This assists the business in developing succession planning which is vital for the sustainability and growth of our business, now and in the future.

Student development opportunities and graduaterecruitment

Through our excellent relationships with the universities that neighbour   our UK sites, we operate successful student placement and graduate programmes. Students chosen to join the Group on placement soon become valued members of the team, getting involved in project work and making important contributions. We reward our hard working students with a competitive salary and selected bursaries. A high proportion of students return to us to take up permanent employment once they have completed their studies. The knowledge and experience gained on placement supports a smooth integration following graduation.

Equal opportunities

Servelec is committed to an equal opportunities policy of selecting, training, promoting and rewarding based on merit. We do not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of protected characteristics.

Anti-modern slavery and human trafficking policy

Servelec is committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in its workforce or supply chain by carrying out all necessary measures, as outlined in our anti-slavery and human trafficking policy

Our community

Community events

Servelec is committed to corporate social responsibility and a key aspect of this is the company’s interaction with the community. Servelec supports its employees in their generosity and fundraising efforts by offering matched contributions for team fundraising in aid of registered charities. Over the past year, we have donated to several charitable organisations which have inspired our employees to organise and participate in fundraising efforts, ranging from local causes close to the hearts of our employees to larger national events like Red Nose Day.

Community and charitable support

We are committed to making a sustainable positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Servelec actively encourages our businesses around the world to act as good citizens in their local and wider communities. We support local decisions to support community and social projects, charitable organisations. As deemed appropriate on a local level, Servelec offers support and flexibility to allow our employees to become involved in volunteering projects close to their hearts.

Servelec’s charities and fund raising scheme supports employees in their generosity and fundraising efforts. Team fundraising for registered charities associated with the provision of a healthy lifestyle and environmental improvement in the community is matched by the company. Over the past year we have donated to several charities for a wide range of worthy causes.

Health and safety

Servelec, led by its Board of Directors, will do everything that is reasonably practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of both the employees and any other person affected by our activities. The Board, led by the Chief Executive Officer, has overall responsibility for ensuring that we maintain high standards of health and safety. However, we rely on all of our employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders to ensure that safe working practices and behaviours are adopted, and to promote Health and Safety systems and ensure processes are embedded as a core activity.

The health and safety of our employees and all who may be affected by our activities is given the highest priority. We have not had a reportable accident in over 5 years. We endeavour to achieve high standards of health and safety and where non-conformance is identified we encourage reporting of the event so that we can learn from it and put in place preventative actions where appropriate.

Health and safety audits are carried out to an annual plan to ensure compliance of our sites to the safety standards we set and to ensure that our employees operate in a safe manner.  

We believe it is essential that all employees have a clear understanding of how workplace health and safety is managed, to ensure this Health and Safety Inductions are given to all new starters.

Senior management also has a crucial role in supporting a strong safety culture. We expect internal stakeholders to take an active interest in, and ownership of, safety in the workplace. This includes:

  • An understanding of the legal aspects of occupational health and safety, specifically their legal obligations and responsibilities;
  • Having and articulating a clear vision for the business, including the expectation that everyone has a stake in supporting the desired safety culture;
  • An appreciation of the elements of safety management, and their interactions i.e. policies and procedures.

In order to improve and maintain a safe environment for our employees, safety notices are communicated throughout the organisation to improve the degree of knowledge that employees and managers have about the influence that they have on safety performance. 

Our environment


Through ISO14001 we employ systems and procedures that ensure the company’s compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and other requirements relating to the environment.

Although Servelec’s own activities do not pose a serious environmental or ecological threat, we recognise the importance of our environmental responsibilities and are committed to the conservation of natural resources, conducting our business in a responsible manner and in complete compliance with local and national legislation.

We believe we can improve our environmental footprint and save energy. This creates new value for our customers through sustainable technologies, products and solutions. We continue to monitor the impact of our products, our operations, and our supply chain on the environment, and work to not only reduce negative external factors but create new opportunities for greater efficiencies.

Our policy is to strive to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.

We are committed to:

  • Preventing pollution and reducing the overall impact of our operations on the environment;
  • Maintaining an internal management structure for the management of environmental issues which includes clearly defined responsibilities for environmental management;
  • Complying with, and where possible exceeding applicable legal and other requirements relating to the organisation;
  • Monitoring our environmental performance and setting objectives and targets for improvement.

We recognise the key role we have to play in both reducing and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. The energy consumed at each work place is recorded, and calculated across the business, providing the opportunity to gauge the energy efficiency of each site. In doing this we consider factors that may increase the consumption of energy that are beyond the control of the business, such as climate, or the types of power demands of that location eg. office based against electrical workshops.

We are committed to raising employee awareness on environmental issues and the effects of their activities through company-wide promotion and communication of the 4 ‘R’s Reduce, Replace, Reuse, and Recycle. We recognise that simple, small measures taken in the workplace can have a large impact on reducing environmental damage.

Our stated objectives are to:

  • Reduce our use of energy turning off lights and electronic equipment when not in use, installing energy saving light bulbs, and monitoring the use of air conditioning/heating;
  • Reuse and Recycle materials in the office such as aluminium cans, paper, printer cartridges and IT equipment providing appropriate facilities to encourage a recycling culture within our offices;
  • Support employees with local office initiatives that have a positive environmental focus.

We have developed innovative products that promote energy efficiency and reduce waste. These products can reduce GHG emissions by users of the products. Innovation is at the core of Servelec’s environmental sustainability initiatives. In developing advanced products, solutions, and updated business processes, we are multiplying the impact of the network to create sustainable business models and increased economic opportunity.

Our aim is to build environmental sustainability into each business function and process and, ultimately, into every business decision our employees make around the world. We believe that improved sustainability creates net benefits to our business, our customers, and the planet. Our relationship with our customers is now based on cost, quality, delivery, service, and sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

The company’s Environment Management System (EMS) enables us to manage our environmental impacts and programmes in a comprehensive, systematic, and planned manner. Policies are developed under the following governing principles for environmental sustainability. Servelec seeks and maintains ISO14001 certification for sites with significant potential for environmental impact.

Waste recycling

Due to the nature of our business and our commitment to the environment we ensure that waste at all our sites (as required) is sorted and pre-treated prior to disposal. The Group’s objective is to adopt this approach across new acquisitions to further reduce the general waste to landfill.

Environmental policy

The company’s environmental and sustainability policy is designed to reflect the environmental needs and responsibilities of the company’s activities. In particular the policy indicates the organisation’s commitment to continual environmental improvement, the prevention of pollution. Servelec recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating the Group’s business responsibly and in compliance with environmental law, regulation and approved codes of practice applicable to its business activities. Servelec’s environmental policy, which is reviewed each year, outlines the Group’s key environmental impacts, targets and commitments.

Cycle to work

The business continues to provide increasing awareness of environmental sustainability offering a number of flexible benefits, offering employees the opportunity to participate in a Cycle to Work Scheme, and encourage this at local level with local schemes like CycleBoost delivered on behalf of Sheffield City Council, promoting sustainable travel.

Climate change policy

Climate change has now been recognised as an international issue with national governments committed to taking action to reduce greenhouse emissions. As a global IT technologies business we have a role in supporting governments and communities to reduce the impacts of climate change. We are committed to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations in a way which supports national government strategies and is in line with our commitment to our customer to provide safe, efficient and reliable services. Our key climate change commitments are:

  • To assess the potential impact to our business from evolving climate change policies as part of our on-going risk management processes;
  • To report annual on our greenhouse emissions from our business operations;
  • To actively promote improved energy efficiency within our business. Supply chains We aim to actively work with our suppliers who commit to our values, especially in reference to fair employment and good environmental practice. We recognise the importance of the supply chain and we are committed to developing secure relationships based on mutual trust for mutual benefit.

Supply chains

We aim to actively work with our suppliers who commit to our values, especially in reference to fair employment and good environmental practice. We recognise the importance of the supply chain and we are committed to developing secure relationships based on mutual trust for mutual benefit.

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