"I started in the company in July 2013 and my first role was as a forms developer. The position gradually evolved to forms analyst as i started to engage with the business side of the forms. At the start of 2016, after going through a recruitment process, I was appointed forms team manager. I am a massive fan of how clever and configurable Mosaic is, and my favourite part of the job is to support the team on finding new creative ideas to fulfil the requirements sent to us by the business."

Luiz Felipe R. Franceschini, Forms Team Manager for Servelec HSC

"I joined Servelec in 2015 to focus on recruiting the quality people we need to drive our business forward. In my role, no two days are the same but I love the challenges presented by the role and find it an easy company to evangelise about as it really is an exciting place to be! At Servelec, people really are valued and this is demonstrated through recognition, reward or additional development opportunities. I have been given the opportunity to pursue a company supported CIPD course to help with my professional development and career prospects."

Yvonne Hackwell, Resourcing Specialist for Servelec Group

"I have worked for Servelec since September 2015. I started as an Administrator which i thoroughly enjoyed, but temporarily changed positions to Receptionist to give me a new challenge. The favourite part of working at Servelec for me us working as part of a reliable and supportive team. Last year I graduated after studying towards a BSc in Criminology and Psychological studies with the Open University. Servelec supported me and was flexible by letting me spend some of my working week at the central office, which is closer to home."

Lianna Ball, Administrator, Servelec Group

"Having joined Servelec in 1989 as a wireman in the workshop, I think I've now worked in most parts of the business during my 28 years! When I joined and was working in controls systems for oil and gas platforms, I was able to diversify into other sectors as other projects allowed. I moved into working on the SCOPE product for the water and utilities sectors, producing mimics, and also worked on Remote Telemetry Units; manufacturing circuit boards. The next stage of my adventure with Servelec began when I was asked to help with the developing Healthcare business - as was. I was really enthusiastic (and still am) about Healthcare and I think that enthusiasm allowed me to progress my career within Servelec. Now I'm a Senior Support Engineer in HSC and loving every day."

Dave Smith, Senior Support Engineer, Servelec HSC

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