Servelec Group, the UK-based technology and software group, is pleased to confirm the achievement of a number of accreditations, which underpin the Group’s role as a trusted supplier to critical industries.

Following an extensive audit of the company’s internal operations, Servelec Group’s accreditations have been further enhanced as Servelec Synergy, which trades as Servelec HSC, achieved certification to ISO9001 standards. This ISO9001 Quality Management System certification demonstrates Servelec’s compliance with strict quality management principles within its software business and adds to the company’s range of BSI-accredited registrations.

The ISO standards for quality management systems serve as the basis for the good working practices required by government regulatory bodies and gives customers the confidence that Servelec is committed to quality and delivering outstanding customer service.

Servelec Group successfully achieved ISO27001 Information Security Management System Standard certification. The standard certifies that the business classifies all information, identifies risk and has procedures in place to detect breaches thereby ensuring that information security is a top priority throughout the business.  Servelec also recently renewed its accreditation from the Cyber Essentials Scheme Test, which underpins Servelec’s role in supporting customers to manage the online security of their data across critical industries.

In line with the company’s certifications, Servelec Group now provides a fully managed hosting service for its customers.  Hosting operations are not subcontracted to a third party meaning customers have ultimate control, while tailored SLAs provide confidence in availability, security and performance.

All the recent accreditations have an important role to play in the continuous improvement of the business. Incorporating these best practices ensures that Servelec continues to meet customer requirements and enhance the customer experience.

Alan Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer of Servelec Group plc commented: “We are delighted to have achieved ISO9001 and ISO27001 as it demonstrates our commitment to quality, outstanding customer service and information security to our customers and is testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff to be recognised with the award of these standards.”

The certifications follow an intensive audit by the British Standards Institution and are valid for three years.