The EU Referendum means business as usual for Servelec

Responding to the outcome of the EU referendum, Alan Stubbs, CEO of Servelec Group PLC said: 

"Regarding the results of the EU referendum.   I wanted to take the opportunity to reiterate that, for Servelec, it will be ‘business as usual” for all of us; here in the UK, the rest of Europe, India, Asia-Pacific, Australia and the USA.  Following on from our recent Trading Update, I want to reiterate that we are a strong business which will continue to prosper.

"Today, just like yesterday, the UK has not changed in many ways, and it remains a great place to work with a tech business like Servelec. The UK has a wealth of talented and skilled people who can help push our products and services and drive the industry forward.  Customers, both within the UK and internationally, recognise the value of the people within the UK’s tech industry and our world class education system continues to produce skilled individuals who through innovation and hard work maintain the development of market-leading products. Britain has a strong tradition of leading the way in engineering and technological advances and this is where we believe the industry will focus moving forward.

"Internationally we retain access to European and worldwide markets through our global offices and whilst we accept there will be some volatility in Sterling our products will continue to be traded in a variety of currencies, including the Euro, from our global offices."